Dolly Dimples Reborn Nursery


DELIVERY 30 DAYS.  Please email for further details

99.99 UK pounds, plus postage at cost price.

My nursery has an excellent reputation, with buyers worldwide.

From now on, I will be listing only two orders each week.

I was inundated with Xmas orders and am reducing the amount of dolls I am making.

If you need your baby for a certain date, ensure  you order in plenty of time.

This is little baby Sofia.

Please read the listing carefully.  If you are unsure of anything, please before buying.

This is the cutest little baby girl or boy.

Approximately 18"in length.

The ones pictured have been made as a baby girl, but the doll can also be made as a baby boy.

You are ordering the finished, hand painted doll.

You will choose only your baby's hair colour.

Natural skin tones.

Full length arms and legs.  Great for dressing.

Cotton body.

Hand rooted hair quality hair and eyelashes.

Pacifier which sits on mouth, not magnetic.

Baby perfumed.

I sell this baby at a very reasonable price, considering the work and time involved in painting, rooting, and making up each doll.

Sofia will arrive wearing a little cotton sleep suit.

I do not put designer clothes on my babies in order to keep the price as low as I can.

Sofia will bring along a birth certificate, on which you can put your chosen name and birth date.

Care instructions and Dolly Dimples Reborn Nursery certificate.

I send my dolls by courier for safety and do not make any profit from postage.  The package must be signed for.

If you are unsure about the listing, or have any questions, regarding the details or delivery time, please do ask before ordering.

Your doll will be delivered within approximately 35 days of me receiving your sculpture.

Thank you for looking at Sofia's listing.

Please enjoy her photographs, which are examples of how the doll can look.  They have not been altered.

Reborn dolls are not children's toys and I do not sell them as such.  Saying that people do order them for children, but please be aware I do not sell them as toys.

Please note, there is no refund or return on the doll, as it is a handmade, custom item which I will make for you.Type your paragraph here.